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SEAD - New creation for the students of the refining program 

The first *to spring! dances* is coming up tomorrow! We can't wait to see Refinings, and Going ons perform three different contemporary dance pieces at Josef Eckart Theatre. 

Get one of the last tickets for March 28 & 30 by emailing

SEAD - Movementors 

Dates from the 3 at 8 of April 2023 SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

In this workshop I will be offering my method of dance and investigation MOVING AIR plus giving tools to expand the conscious body in movement through physical dynamics and relations with the space 

IN C / Sasha Waltz recreation in Folwang dance school

Aladino Rivera & Margaux Trehoüart will be in charge of the Recreation for the students of the Folkwang dance school to be perform in the festival ruhrfestspiele


shows May 30 & 31 June 01 more info and tickets:

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