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We Walk alone, we talked to the wind, fell in love with the shadows and the beginning or end of our stay here, we may feel guilty for having betrayed ourselves a thousand times with the sensation of falling infinitely within the whole.


Build paradise it is the great challenge of the human condition, and we all want that paradise remains closer to us, less and less distant, less and less idealized, more palpable, more habitable. Firdus creation is inspired by the work of artist Christian Boltansky. His work is based on finding the absence of war, children, daily life or loss of identity. That's why using recognizable elements with which the viewer can establish a relationship of empathy: from used clothing, old furniture or going through old boxes of cookies. Boltanski compares his work to a mirror, intended to recognize people in.

Firdus / el paraíso

Concept, General direction & Choreography 

Aladino R. Blanca 

We follow the greek  mythology where the important journey is not at the end arriving   into the paradise ,rather crossing the hell.


*Created in collaboration by FONCA, UNAM & SISTEMA DE TEATROS CDMX.  


Concept, General direction and choreography 

Aladino R. Blanca


Created and perform:

Esperanza Sánchez

Ricardo Rojas

Diego Vertiz

Ana Garcia

Michelle Ferrer

Erik Elizondo


Orinal Music by JESUS ON DOPE

Grooviedelik - drums

Rolo - guitar

Yamer - guitar


Lights - Francisco cordoba & Aladino R. Blanca


Lsm s


Edson Martinez 



LACantera (Mexico, DF)

Inside the body

Fondo Nacional para la CUltura y las Artes FONCA

Un teatro alternativa escenica

This creation is possible by the support of Fondo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes FONCA (México) 

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