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Más Corazón que piel 

Concept, General direction & Choreography 

Aladino R. Blanca 

Inspired by the work of acclaimed photographer Sebastiao Salgado. A scenic proposal, in which dance, opera and theater dialogue on stage. Duration 60 minutes.


*Created in collaboration by FONCA, UNAM & SISTEMA DE TEATROS CDMX.  

7 women performers on stage, shows the strength to remain alive in situations that lead the world into chaos and tragedy. ¨More heart than skin ¨. It is a work where the physical and theatrical power of the interpreters reaches a state of realism. In the sound, an original composition of natural sounds was written that in turn is enriched by an exquisite voice of a live soprano. In the visual, each ray of light and each scenic element has a potential meaning when it emerges in the scene.


This work is unique from its origin, in which every scenic element and body work is developed to emerge as a miraculous act (Not from the religious point of view of life. But from the point of the divine, that most beautiful lies in its authenticity). The work is developed in an opera structure. In this way the work is divided into three acts, but this time in a contemporary way and without pauses.


1 act - Resurrection

2 act - Industrial

3 act - Nature


These acts were created from the important stages that the acclaimed photographer Sebastiao Salgado has made in his career. What happened from portraying the most decadent of human life to reforesting the jungle in Brazil to return life to what was forgotten.



Aladino Rivera Blanca y Zaratiana Randrianantenaina


Dramaturgy :

José Antonio Becerril Hernández 


Light design 

Sebastián Solórzano



Ollín Yaveh Miranda López, Carles Tardío Pi


Soprano & lyric composer: 

Alejandra Pérez Ramos


costume desing

Gloria Isabel Rivera


on Stage 

Alejandra Pérez Ramos Soprano 

Esperanza Sánchez actor and dancer

Mariana Fernandez, Circus performer & dancer 

Angélica Baños, dancer  

Ana G. Zambrano, dancer 

Joyce Islas, performer & dancer 

Issabel Monge  dancer  

This creation is possible by the support of Fondo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes FONCA (México) 

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