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concept & choreography by Aladino R. Blanca & Frank Micheletti

Mexican Corner 

Aladino R. Blanca & Frank Micheletti 

Mexican Corner creates, in a transversal manner (sound and visual material recorded in Mexico), a very direct involvement of bodies and human presence, of the dancers, a lonely reality that is beyond normality where life itself is endangered. Certain voices make themselves heard through the cry, Mexico Desperta! (Mexico, wake up!)


This creation was run within the perspective of numerous return journeys between the two continents to highlight the different states of our modern society. 


During the residency of "Mexican Corner " in Mexico, numerous interviews and witnessed reports have been recorded and are used in the creation of the sound track, mixed live. People directly concerned and affected by this violence have revealed intimate and precious details of their experiences which enable one to see the cracks in personal and collective lives where Mexican society is being questioned. All these witnessed accounts reveal a desire to break the silence, a huge jump forward where the Mexican society calls for more and more. It no longer accepts the simulation, accepts being hypnotized and fooled by the media. The civil society has unmasked the myth of a democratic transition and refuses to be convinced by these false pretences any longer.

As well as this sound material which we have collected, a very wide and diverse range of personal feelings, the scenes outside were filmed by a very young Mexican film-maker (his first feature film is currently being edited: desert, motorways, landscapes... which will be present in the scenography of Mexican Corner. The show proposes a relationship between close proximity and intimacy, the spectators envelope the four sides of the stage in a form of immersion which accentuates the vulnerability of the bodies and the realities evoked. 

Chorégraphie: Frank Micheletti, Aladino Rivera Blanca

Performers: Idio Chichava, Frank Micheletti, Aladino Rivera Blanca
Création lumières: Ivan Mathis
Musique mixée en live: Frank Micheletti
Réalisateur vidéo: Joaquin O. Loustaunau
Assistant vidéo :Alado Patlan


Kubilai Khan investigations

Inside the body

Physical Momentum Project

Théâtre Paul Eluard Bezons
CONACULTA / SEP : Beneficio a Proyectos de Producción Nacional (Mexique)
Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Compagnie Käfig dans le cadre de l’Accueil Studio
Centro de las artes de San Luis Potosí
Avec le soutien de 
EPRODANZA via A poc A poc


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