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Moving air
B12_Moving air
Moving air.  Tanzhalle

Moving Air is created with the need to recover ourselves in the most pure way of the intuitive body we have ! As dancers we need to understand and discover the many different kind of energies and speeds we can use to transform our dance. 


As performers we take risks and give life to the visible and invisible connections that exist everywhere around us; Wind is the possibility to be caressing or transgressing an entire landscape, it is to understand the power of the mind as the highest tool to transform the body with a full capacity of infinite movement. Moving Air indispensably explores the space around us to develop the movement; find endless possibilities in all physical levels involving martial arts (kung fu & capoeira) to find harmony and balance  between the imaginary thought and everything that inhabits us.


Moving Air is aimed at performing artists seeking to exercise the creativity of the body and mind in space through the intuition. All exercises continuously build mental images that transport the body to the limit to develop more questions than answer while we move. Then the body emerges into the space free and dynamic, to find it self as natural and intuitive.


The purpose of the workshop is to seek continuous training and so the receiver can transform the body INTO WIND to flow swiftly into the space and build paths to all currents that force detonates.


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