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Choreographer - dancer  & teacher​


Aladino Rivera is regarded as one of the young upcoming artistic directors, recognised by his courage and the artistic explosion on stage without fearing of being criticised by the audience. He has been awarded by the most important national institution of arts in México city.

- FORBES magazine mention Aladino, as one of the best mexican creators of art in 2017


- In 2008 Aladino started Inside The Body performing arts and since then the independent company has produced several creations: Más corazón que piel, Dogs & Angels, Maybe, Mexican Corner, Firdus, Wakaranai, waiting to breathe, Happy times en momentos k-brones! & L`absence among others.  Since the very beginning, Aladino is always searching the way to collaborate with different disciplines of art and in the meantime doing coproductions with other companies around the world. 

As a dancer he collaborate as a guest dancer for Sasha Waltz & Guests  (Germany) in several projects since 2015. He has worked as well with the choreographer Dave St. Pierre (Canada) for the creation “Un peu de tendresse, bordel de merde!”. Since 2008 until 2015 he danced in several shows as a guest dancer for the company Kubilai Khan Investigations (France) directed by Frank Micheletti. Aladino has, as well, worked in variety of projects and he has collaborated with other kinds of artists. He performed and acted in the creation “Agrypnia” under the direction of Despina Panagiotopoulou (theater director based in Greece) and in “Testamento” under the direction of the choreographer German Jauregui (Spain) and ASYC de Alicia Sanchez (México) for several shows.   


1 Place Award by festival internacional agite y sirva by the short film Strophe FONCA Fomento y conversiones 2018 (Más corazón que piel)Awarded with the creation FIRDUS  2013 as the best upcoming dance theater piece FONCA as young creator 2015 - 2016 (Dogs & Angels)FONCA as young creator 2012 (To create Firdus) FONCA as scenic creator project 2010  

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