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Concept, General direction & Choreography 

Aladino R. Blanca 

WAKARANAI is a work created with hosts who lent their home, roof, commerce, public libraries, food supplies and other spaces to do the creative work day by day.


THE OBJECTIVE was to create and show a work outside a common rehearsal space for any stage artist. In order to bring art and emotions closer to people who never or almost never had real contact with the performing arts and their creators! with the idea of arriving at the theater or other alternative space to share the finished work with the public.


*Created in collaboration by FONCA, Sistema de teatros de la cdmx & Salas de urgencia 

Not understanding the questions of life, gives us the tools to survive it! showing the real part of the human being (tenderness, cruelty, joy ...) Not understanding takes us further in actions and reactions at every moment and every breath, fighting ourselves between instinct vs. reason. Society continually forces us to ̈SER ̈, doing acts out of control. How to preserve good behavior? How to love who loves that ...?


The body never lies what the mind can! All the actions we take affect someone and somewhere changing the moment of the future, where illusions are true visions making real what the body does not experience yet


     Aladino R. Blanca

    Francisco Cordova Azuela


    Light design 

    jimena Pederiva



    Aladino R. Blanca

    Rehearsal manager

    Beto Perez 

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